Fort Anne Powder Magazine

Fort Anne became Canada’s first National Historic Site in 1917. Today, visitors can walk the earthen walls and soak up centuries of Canadian history. The 1708 stone powder magazine is surrounded by a maze of defensive ditches, banks and bastions…. Read more >

Waterfront Boardwalk

The Annapolis Royal Boardwalk has long been a favourite place to take a stroll for town residents and visitors alike. A showpiece bordering the shore of the historic Annapolis River, the boardwalk offers passersby the opportunity to watch the rise… Read more >

King’s Theatre Plaza

Located in the heart of downtown Annapolis Royal, King’s Theatre has been the cultural centre of the town for the better part of a century. In 2017, Brown Bros. began work on the creation of a landscaped plaza adjacent to… Read more >

Oqwa’titek Amphitheatre

The Oqwa’titek Amphitheatre sits in the heart of Annapolis Royal. As a local business, Brown Bros. felt a strong commitment to this special project. “We knew how important it was, not only to the Town of Annapolis Royal but to… Read more >

Fortier Mills

Fortier Mills is an upscale, architecturally-protected community. Initiated by Brown Bros., the Fortier Mills Project began in 2008, with the purchase of a large vacant waterfront property in Annapolis Royal.  The subdivision’s name reflects the history of the town. Annapolis… Read more >

Lequille Pipeline Replacement

The Lequille Hydroelectric System, located on the Allain River, began generating electricity for the Annapolis Valley around fifty years ago.  In 2017, work began on an extensive project to ensure the hydro facility’s reliability, safety and efficiency.  Part of this… Read more >

Harmony Fish Ladder

Located in the area of Harmony Mills, Queens County NS, the Harmony fish ladder was in need of major work. The wooden ladder had deteriorated to such an extent that it was no longer functional. Department of Fisheries and Oceans… Read more >