King’s Theatre Plaza

CLIENT: Town of Annapolis Royal

Located in the heart of downtown Annapolis Royal, King’s Theatre has been the cultural centre of the town for the better part of a century. In 2017, Brown Bros. began work on the creation of a landscaped plaza adjacent to the theatre. Designed by local  landscape architect Joy Elliott, the configuration visually connects a sequence of spaces and creates a harmonious flow.

Work included stabilizing the area next to the boardwalk using treated timber. Shrubs and grasses were planted along the edges. Benches were installed and the traveled area was finished with exposed aggregate concrete. The plaza seamlessly links street, theatre and boardwalk. It has become a busy spot where strollers come to sit and relax, where residents stop to chat after a visit to the local market, and where visitors pause to soak in the salt air, and the historic ambiance.