Waterfront Boardwalk

CLIENT: Town of Annapolis Royal

The Annapolis Royal Boardwalk has long been a favourite place to take a stroll for town residents and visitors alike. A showpiece bordering the shore of the historic Annapolis River, the boardwalk offers passersby the opportunity to watch the rise and fall of the tides or look across the the basin and recall the seafaring and military history of the town.

The winter of 2016/2017 was fast approaching when Brown Bros. began the work to replace the aging wooden promenade. The construction timeframe was short. In addition to removing the old boardwalk and rebuilding the entire structure, the team also extended the timber deck outside King’s Theatre and the Waterfront Plaza and constructed stairs down to the beach area. Meeting the challenge of shorter days and inclement weather, the crew removed the old boardwalk, placed rock fill and installed more than four tractor trailer loads of treated timber. The project was completed well before deadline.