Fortier Mills

Fortier Mills is an upscale, architecturally-protected community. Initiated by Brown Bros., the Fortier Mills Project began in 2008, with the purchase of a large vacant waterfront property in Annapolis Royal.  The subdivision’s name reflects the history of the town. Annapolis Royal’s extensive water access offered the perfect location for the thriving shipbuilding, brick making and lumber mill industries which sprang up throughout the centuries. Fortier Mills sits on one of these historic economic hot spots.

The Fortier Mills project required an extensive redevelopment of the entire area to accommodate the 27 prime building lots.Work included the installation of over 14,000 ft. of underground municipal services including power and communication conduits. Brown Bros. constructed the street, concrete curbs, sidewalk and even built and installed the decorative lamp posts. The first residential home in the Fortier Mills development broke ground in 2012. There has been at least one new home construction every year since. Brown Bros. continues to be responsible for all concrete foundation and sitework including the landscaping on every developed lot.